Bambang x Tappp – Cirewang Series Smart Business Card


Bambang x tappp

Combining the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the convenience of modern technology, these Smart Business Cards are not only functional networking tools but also serve as statement pieces that reflect your individuality and professionalism.

Available in 3 series inspired by Subang’s picturesque tourist destinations, these cards seamlessly blend functionality, style, and personalization.

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Bambang x tappp – Cirewang Series

Immerse yourself in the charm of Pantai Cirewang with the Cirewang Smart Business Card. This captivating series blends the beauty of wood and resin, resonating with the vibrant energy of a coffeehouse. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a creative professional, let the Cirewang Series be your networking companion. Sip on success and brew connections with style – where craftsmanship meets technology.


How to Activate

Activation steps

  1. Tap or scan the QR Code on the card to open activation page.
  2. Fill in your name and phone number, make sure your number is active.
  3. Input your activation code on the available space.
  4. After your card is activated, you can login by using your phone number.

Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm


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